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“Now, At Last… Here's Some GOOD NEWS For Childless Couples
Seeking Adoption! New Book By Loving Adoptive Parents Titled:
Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy' Takes The Mystery Out Of
Adopting Your Own Child… Giving You a Complete, Easy-To-Follow
Roadmap That Reveals…

"How to Quickly and Easily
Adopt The Child Of Your

Get easy-to-follow advice from a dedicated couple who went
through the treadmill of adoption agencies and discovered a
simple, practical solution to adopting the children of their
dreams… now's it's your turn…

FROM: Linda and Ben Edwards - Adoptive Parents Of Two Wonderful Boys

Dear Friend,

If you desperately want your own family… but for whatever reason you can't have your own kids… and if the pitter-patter of tiny feet is music to your ears… then adoption may be the answer you're looking for.

And if that's the case, this letter may hold the key to you raising your own happy family… a family full of the love and laughter you have always craved, but never thought you would attain.

Not only that, you'll be able to effortlessly shortcut the adoption process… so you can start your own wonderful family quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

Here's why…

My name is Linda Edwards. I'm the mother of two very special adopted boys. I now have a happy family and my house is full of laughter.

But it wasn't always this way…

You see, for many years my husband and I struggled to have our own children. We tried everything with no luck. One disappointment followed another and it felt like we were on a never-ending treadmill that was leading us nowhere.

I desperately wanted my own children, my own family… I just wanted to be like everyone else and surround myself with the love and the laughter of a happy family.

Was that too much to ask for?

For many years it seemed like it was…

But Then a Breakthrough…

As luck would have it, we discovered International Adoption (the waiting list for local children was just too long for us to endure) and we haven't looked back since. We are now the proud parents of two lovely boys… all thanks to adoption. Here are my two wonderful boys below…


Allan's first picture
Jin's first picture


They're adorable children and I can't imagine life without them. And if I sound like a proud doting parent, well, you're absolutely right!

The First Time My Son Cried Out “Mommy”
I Burst Into Tears Of Joy!

I'm a sentimental girl at heart.

You know, holding on to long forgotten Christmas and birthday cards, hanging on to letters from relatives in a big old shoe box underneath my bed… maybe you're the same.

I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve.

So the first time my young son cried out “Mommy” I thought my heart would break and I burst into tears. It was a beautiful moment, one I'll never forget. (Even though I had to console him for awhile as he thought his Mommy was upset.)

When my son spoke those words it really hit me that YES, I was a Mom… just like everyone else!

So adoption has been the answer to our prayers. And for many childless couples it's now becoming the preferred option. (Even the movie stars are getting into adoption now.)

Having been through the adoption process twice, we decided to put everything we knew about the adoption process into a book we called: “Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy.”

This way, other childless couples can benefit from our hard-won experience and shortcut the time it takes to adopt your own child.

Here's Just a Sample Of What We Cover In
Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy…

•  The 11 crucial factors you MUST take into consideration when choosing which country to adopt from. I wish I knew these 11 important factors when starting out… knowing them guarantees you make the right choices from the start… ensuring you know exactly what to look for so you get the right child for you. (See Page 19)

•  The 5 reasons we chose South Korea for our first child… and how these reasons will point you in the right direction when choosing a specific country to adopt from. (Go to Page 20)

•  How to make a good impression with adoption agencies… see which friends to use as referees and how making the wrong choice may shatter your chances of adopting your child. (Page 21)

•  The 12 questions adoption agencies ask and how to prepare for them so you put your best foot forward right from the word go. Plus, discover the little-known, almost sneaky way agencies check the accuracy of your answers. (Pages 21 and 22)

•  Adoption Agency language and how you must not let it make you feel inferior. They've got their own language that you have to get your head around… here you get the inside knowledge to help you prepare. (Page 22)

•  What a “Life Book” is and how to make yours stand out from the crowd and get attention… do this right and it shortcuts the process… effectively speeds up the time it takes to adopt your very own child. (Page 24)

•  Why it's better to personally go to the country of adoption to collect your new child… better for you, but more importantly, better for your new son or daughter. (Page 26)

•  The 5 smart questions to finding the perfect adoption agency. (Page 39)

•  The two critical things agencies are looking for in adoptive parents and how to make sure you get this across to the agency… simple truths that almost guarantee the agency you choose thinks you and your partner are perfect parent material. (Page 42)

•  How to work with social workers so your days with your new child are happy and stress-free. (Page 43)

•  The 6 things to find out about your child BEFORE you adopt him or her… this ensures you don't get “any nasty surprises.” (Page 44)

•  Why seeking medical advice when checking your child's “report” saves you a lot of heartache down the track. (Page 45)

•  5 helpful things to know about your child before they become a part of your household. (Page 46)

•  The cost involved in adopting your child and how they pale in comparison to what you are getting. (Page 47)

•  What age should the child be… the pros and cons of babies versus toddlers. (Page 49)

And Look, That's Just a Fraction Of What We Cover
In Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy…

We take you by the hand and show you the many insights we have gained and lessons we have learned from adopting, not once, but twice, from two different countries.

Plus we show you the good times, the fun times, the love and laughter our adorable children have given us.

By the time you've finished this book you'll have a clear understanding of what's involved, how long it will take, and exactly what to expect when your child arrives at your home.

We give it to you straight so you know what's going on every step of the way.

13 BIG Lessons We Have Learnt And How They Can
Shortcut Your Journey To Becoming
A Proud Adoptive Parent!

Plus, we've compiled 13 big lessons that we have learnt from adopting two boys from two different countries.

The 13 BIG lessons are written with the benefit of hind-sight, and include some ideas of "this is how we would have done it differently, given the chance". (I wish this book was available when we were going through the adopting process.)

We trust that reading these 13 important lessons stops you from making the same mistakes we did, and shortcuts your journey to becoming a proud, devoted parent just like me.

The 13 BIG Lessons Include:

  1. A list of things we wish we'd done in the very early stages of deciding to adopt - Questions we should have asked ourselves, our friends and our family, and other research we could have done that would have made the whole process much simpler. You'll discover what to ask and who to turn to.
  2. How we broke the news to our parents that we were planning to adopt, in a way that would have them support our decision and love their new grandchild. This one is important… especially when adopting from overseas. Here you'll get the steps to make it easy… so your parents will embrace your child like one of their own.

  3. How to find the right adoption agency - including some creative ways around the problem of limited options. Also the questions to ask to evaluate an adoption agency. Not all agencies are the same and here you're given the blueprint to cut through the confusion and find the perfect agency that's right for you.

  4. How to choose the country from which you want to adopt. A list of in depth, soul-searching questions you need to consider to make this vital decision. There are pros and cons to each individual country… here you get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

  5. Answering the really tough questions that the agency worker will ask you in evaluating your suitability to adopt a child. Why you should avoid "giving the agency the answers you think they want to hear", even if the truth is less than ideal. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is the best way to go. You'll be shown how to honestly answer the questions so the agency thinks you and your partner are perfect parent material.

  6. Practical tips on how to get your social worker on-side. Since they are the person who will ultimately decide whether or not you are fit to adopt, it's a good idea to have them in your corner. Lesson 6 makes it easy.

  7. The type of information you are likely to get about the child being offered to you for adoption. Creative ways to get more information if you feel that what you've been given isn't enough to make an informed decision. You want the right child for you and your partner and these questions will help you do just that.

  8. How to set up your caring and work arrangements to best help your new child settle in, especially in the first few months when you are still "in trial" with the adoption agency. Here's some tips to making sure your child settles into his or her new environment with little or no fuss.

  9. Vital information you must know about your child's behavior before taking them home. How to find out this information if the agency doesn't have it or won't give it to you. I show you how to quickly and easily get this important info.

  10. Checklist of all the costs (including some we never expected!) so that you can be prepared financially for the adoption. Yes, there are costs involved… but the payoff for you is your very own child! You can't put a price on that can you?

  11. The most common (and sometimes surprising!) questions and comments you will get from friends and strangers about your new child - especially if the child obviously has a different heritage. How to respond to the caring, the curious, and the downright rude.

  12. The unique and harrowing challenges parents can face when adopting an older child with a different cultural background, and some practical tips on how to deal with these challenges.

  13. How to choose the right counselor to help you through any relationship difficulties you may have during the trying times - and why we now wish we had chosen a different counselor.

Adopting your first child is a major event… one filled with hope, happiness and a touch of fear.

And the adoption process is relatively painless once you get around all the forms, agencies and various departments. ‘Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy' shortcuts the process and gives you specific advice on how to make the process a heck of a lot easier.

56 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that my book will help you shortcut your journey to becoming a proud adoptive parent that I guarantee your investment for a full 56 days after purchase. Here's how…

I'm convinced “Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy” will give you the specific knowledge and confidence to quickly shortcut your journey to adopting your own child that I back it up with my…

56 Day, No Questions Asked,
Money Back Guarantee

Order your copy of “Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy” today and take advantage of all the proven, inside knowledge it contains. See how to cut through the red tape and quickly and easily adopt the child of your dreams. And if after 56 days you're not completely convinced this book has helped you, I want you to let me know and your investment will be refunded in full. There will be no questions, you don't have to offer a reason… if you're not 100% happy with your purchase you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

So you've got absolutely nothing to lose by getting your hands on ‘Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy' right now… but you have so much to gain.

Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy' comes in a handy e-book and the beauty of e-books is that it's instant. You can download this book right now and within just minutes you can be going through your own copy and taking advantage of the little known secrets it contains.

And what's more, it comes as a PDF file so it works on both Macs and PCs.

And even though this information has cost me many years of trial and error, I wanted to keep the price way down, so everyone who desperately wants their own family can afford this life changing book.

So I've set the price at just $27. That's it… no more to pay.

And just think, within minutes you can be reading your own copy of this book. Discover how to shortcut your journey, find out the pitfalls to watch out for, and share the joy as you experience my emotions of relief and love when I finally gained my own family through adoption.

NOTE: I use Click Bank to process all orders. Click Bank utilizes the strongest security
and anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their
system! Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access
to your sensitive information. They are also approved by the Better Business Bureau!

Adoption is a wonderful way to start your own family. The joy and happiness you'll feel when you first lay eyes on your child will almost overwhelm you.

It's just so emotional. It's a feeling that will never leave you… a feeling that only grows as your child matures and becomes a loving member of your family.

And just think…

•  YES you can become a Mom or Dad

•  YES you can have your own family

•  YES you can adopt the child of your dreams and build a devoted family full of love and laughter…

… and now, more than ever, it's never been easier.

So if you're thinking of adopting, then I urge you to grab a copy of this book now. You won't regret it. It'll save you time researching all the facts, it'll give you the answers you are looking for… and it lays out the roadmap to follow to shortcutting the adoptive process.

NOTE: I use Click Bank to process all orders. Click Bank utilizes the strongest security
and anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their
system! Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access
to your sensitive information. They are also approved by the Better Business Bureau!

I wish you all the joy and happiness your new child will bring to your life.

Adoption has been the answer for me and my husband's need for our own family. Order your copy of ‘Practical Adoption Advice Made Easy' and discover if adoption is the right option for you.

Warm Regards,

Linda Edwards

PS. Remember, your investment is fully guaranteed. You have a full 56 days to see if you are absolutely satisfied with your investment. If not, then simply let me know and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

PPS. Here's some more photos of my family so you can see for yourself that adoption is possible, it can happen, and you can raise your own happy family thanks to adoption.

Jin in national dress
Allan on his naming day
Boys in concert costumes

PPPS. You've seen the photos of our family, now see what our friends and neighbors have to say… let's hear their thoughts on how we have handled adoption.


Sarah and Tim (neighbors)

If you could see the changes in little Allan from the time he joined the Edwards family up to now, you would wonder how such a transformation could happen. We have been so pleased to help Ben and Linda with their two sons and know that our family is better off as well for our relationship with them all.




Rachel and Gary (friends)

We'd like to say that we applaud Linda and Ben for what  they have been able to achieve. But knowing the boys as we do we must say that it has really been a total family project. Their family is a great example of what you can achieve through the adoption process if you really commit yourself. I wish that we had a family like them living in our street!




William and Jessie (friends, with William an adopted child himself)

Having found out late in life that I was adopted, I commend Linda and Ben for their courage and forthright approach to their new family. Those kids are a wonderful example of what compassion, patience and good parenting can do. We know that there will be difficult situations in the future, but we believe that their approach will see them through and the community will be better off for families like them.




James and Julie (parents)

We think Linda and Ben have done a fantastic job achieving a family in ways we could not have imagined in our day. We were very wary at first, but they helped us to appreciate adoption and now we also have two extra grand-children, Jin and Allan, that we both love dearly. Not only this, but they have won the respect of our friends as well, and that is not easy to do considering that we are a generation apart.



NOTE: I use Click Bank to process all orders. Click Bank utilizes the strongest security
and anti-fraud features available on the Internet and never stores your financial data on their
system! Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access
to your sensitive information. They are also approved by the Better Business Bureau!

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